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Brought my bike for repairs. HC had the bike for a month before he called me back.

They could not provide an estimate nor give an estimate of how long the bike would be there. Three weeks later I went to HC, because phone calls were not returned. He hadn't finished the bike, but had another excuse. Race week took priority over my repairs, so they couldn't get to it.

A mechanic quit, There was too much to do. .Two months later, still had the bike, couldn't give an estimate for the astronomical bill, can't return phone calls.

All the guy does is give excuses that end up costing lots of money. Very unsatisfied with all aspects of service.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1136454

I have to agree with this and other comments that I've found on this place. I had almost the exact same experience and I found out way too late that this place should be avoided like the plague.

It was all BS all the time and the place is run more like a nut house than a business. Stay way away from this place!

And no matter what kind of spin the owner puts on things, you can be guaranteed it's not true. There are just too many people who have had the same experiences.

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